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domenica 20 febbraio 2011

3 from Berlin 3!

A lovely friend of mine went to Berlin in January for the Fashion Week.
She's been so kind to bring me home 3 shoppers! Here they are:

The Ecobag by Germano made in Italy

I really like this bag because it's like it's made of wool and during this cold days I use it a lot to keep "warm" my extra things that I can't put inside my real bag!
I also like the colours combination...

The Desigual black shopper

I already have a Desigual shopper but this is a bit different, the one I got from Madrid just have the name on it with wonderful colours, this one explains the customer what's about Desigual brand, the key word DREAM. It says to me: "in a dark world you can make colourful dreams with us!"

The RAER jeans shopper

I can't believe this is NOT a real bag!
I really like it and I'm pretty sure I'll use it a lot next summer to go to the beach!
It is really long so I think I'm going to do a small knot to make it a bit shorter! It says "bag recycle, bag restyle"... is it made by left over jeans pieces? I'm going to find out... I would be great! Don't you think?
Please feel free to leave a comment :)

4 commenti:

  1. Ciao!!!Molto carino il tuo blog!!!Ti va di seguirci a vicenda???Fammi sapere...un bacio!!!


  2. ciao!! certo :) grazie mille!!
    stavo leggendo il tuo blog proprio ieri sera:)
    buona giornata

  3. Molto molto carino il tuo blog...anche io lo sto facendo in tre lingue sto aspettando le traduzioni dei miei amici... :)

  4. wow 3 lingue!! io provo con l'inglese per ora, per non avere "barriere" ;)


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